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Bangsar Village (Neighbourhood Shopping Complex)
Tuesday, September 7, 2004Posted by: Site Administrator

Bangsar village... what is it ? It's a revamped version of the old Hankyu Jaya building which was left abandoned years ago. Eng Lian has recently renovated the place with a few fung shui changes to the entrance locations & etc and changed this place to become a hip and happening place for families to do their shopping.

Located between Lucky Gardens and Bangsar Baru and situated right at No. 1 Jalan Telawi, this well located building is set to draw in the crowds be it from mamak goers, TMC shoppers, pub hoppers or pasar malam shoppers. People who visit Bangsar are bound to enter its chic looking premises simple to check out the place.

Our Initial reaction ? Well... here's the low down. Many shops abound inside this "small" sized shopping complex or should we say building. Car park lots are also plentiful though the parking fees seemed a bit expensive past the hour mark for subsequent hours. The building, though not too large even compared to Bangsar Shopping Complex, is spacious and caters to almost most people's needs. There are shops for the kids "Toys 'R' Us", shops for personal grooming, i.e. the saloons, food places like Nandos, Starbucks,  desert cheese cake shop, Laksa Shack for laksa lovers, Outback Steak House for Western dining, & plenty others that cater to the Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese cuisines. There is also a Village Grocer onthe ground floor for your grocery needs. If you don't like shopping in our beloved TMC then this is an alternative apart form Bangsar Shopping Complex's cold storage or Juscos down in Mid Valley. Apart from this there are music stores, a DIY shop, MPH bookshop as well as a comprehensive magazine shop, organic food shop, wine cellar, habib jewels & etc.

All in all, this is a great addition to Bangsar! And we welcome and congratulate such a move by Eng Lian to bring this building back to life! Let's just hope the traffic doesn't get any worse as a result. Even as of current, we see many people doing illegal U-Turns just to get at the Parking entrance near the traffic lights. Perhaps more proper signage is in order.


User Comments
10/2/2004 5:08:04 PMBlacknightThe official opening ceremony is today. It was bustling with activities. Lots of shops had freebies and it was definitely very lively. I saw a supertanker Starbucks guy walking with a tank behind his back which looked like those insecticide people discharging coffee into cups. haha. Free coffee is good!

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