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Traffic Jams in Bangsar
Friday, March 11, 2005Posted by: Site Administrator

How many of you have been stuck in a Jam in Bangsar? I would say the majority of you who are reading this article would have been stuck in the jam at least once or twice whenever you are in Bangsar.


When do you get Jams? Well basically the roads are jammed every single day. However the traffic does not and you don’t normally get grid locked for hours *phew*.  Personally I find Jalan Telawi always jammed. The reason is because people from Jalan ARA enter it from both directions along with traffic flowing out from Jalan Telawi 5 and Jalan Telawi 4. As such you will find that Jalan Telawi acts like the main road within the Bangsar area and Jalan Maarof is our very own Express Way connecting Jalan Bangsar to Damansara.


Why do we get Jams? The reason for Jams in Bangsar can be due to Malaysian drivers’ mentality. Majority of the people like to double park along the shops. This makes traffic crawl as they will have to avoid both double parked cars as well as pedestrians. It is always courteous to let pedestrians have the right of way but Pedestrians, “please do not walk so slowly as though you own the roads!.. Thank You”. People who like double parking should refrain from doing so. Looking for a parking is no doubt hard to find along the roads but there is a giant car park opposite the mosque along Jalan Telawi 1. Please pay a little money and have your cars parked in there or if you have to wait, please choose a less busy street to wait at. Other car park lots include that in One Bangsar, Bangsar Village as well as the open lot in the corner opposite TMC on Jalan Telawi.

Apart from your normal traffic, Bangsar’s traffic also gets worse during Pasar Malam nights currently held on Sundays as well as during Friday prayer hours at Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar. To avoid the Friday jam, kindly refrain from using Jalan Ara as well as Jalan Maarof (where cars are also double & triple parked) unless you necessarily have to.


Perhaps the town planning in Bangsar is not too well done up but Bangsar is after all thriving and perhaps catering to more traffic than it can handle. We who commute around Bangsar can only be pleased to see the jams.






For those of you who aren’t too pleased with it, here are just a few tips that might keep you out of the jam.

  • Walk if you can. Do not drive and add to the traffic and pollution.
  • Do not walk slowly when crossing the streets. While it is your right, you shouldn’t abuse it or someone might actually come crashing down your path
  • Do not to double park along busy stretches. This only agitates drivers behind you.
  • Do not be stingy on parking. Make sure your cars are parked on designated spots. And do pay the meter to avoid having your car towed away.


Happy Journey within Bangsar !


For those of you who do not know the road names around Bangsar, please click here to view the map of Bangsar to have a better understanding.



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