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A – Z on Crime Prevention…
Wednesday, March 23, 2005Posted by: Site Administrator

Bangsar, like any other residential area in Kuala Lumpur, or even any city within the world, is never crime-free. As Malaysia’s economy has been growing rapidly over recent years, so have the society, its needs and demands. Many has resorted to brutal ways of finding a living, or some, just being unable to cope with social pressure resorts to crimes such as robbery and theft.

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All of us long to live in a safe society…….. so let us do our best to prevent crime and at the same time, protect our loved ones from harm.

Here’s a basic "A – Z" guide that you may find useful…

Avoid walking in dark, isolated and unlit alleys and dark areas

Bring just enough cash – not in excess of what you need

Call the Police to report groups of drunkards that act in a violent manner

Dogs are great companions, especially when you are walking alone

Emphasise on road safety at all times – you wouldn’t want to meet a road bully!

Finish your conversations… walking around with a handphone makes you less alert

Gauge the sounds of nearby motorbikes – snatch thiefs may be on the prowl

Hold your handbags close to you and carry it on the shoulder which is further from the road

Install an alarm system for your house

Jewelries attract the attentions of snatch thefts – don’t wear them excessively

Keys held between fingers is a good way to scratch an assailant’s face

Lock your car doors immediately upon entering the vehicle

Make sure you don’t get into lifts with suspicious individuals

Never interfere with street fights – alert the Police

Observe your surroundings, and never park in dark, quiet areas

Pepper sprays or a personal alarm comes in handy in desperate situations

Queuing up for ATMs – bring a partner along or withdraw minimum cash

Report to the Police if you see suspicious individuals prowling the streets

Scream for help to attract attention – if someone snatches your handbag

Try not to go to carparks alone, or park nearer to the lift or lit areas

Umbrella is a very powerful self-defense tool, never underestimate it!

Voice any valid complaint to the community centre, party leader or the Police

Walk against oncoming traffic to prevent snatch theft

X-pect the unexpected and……………

Yes, take care of yourself before you take care of others!

ZZZ.... have a safe and sound sleep!

Contacts of Police Stations:

1. AMPANG: 03 - 4252 2222

2. BRICKFIELDS: 03 - 2274 2222

3. CHERAS: 03 - 9284 2222

4. DANG WANGI: 03 - 2070 2222

5. PETALING JAYA: 03 - 7956 2222

6. SHAH ALAM: 03 - 5510 2222

7. KLANG: 03 - 3371 2222

8. HULU LANGAT: 03 - 8736 2222

9. HULU SELANGOR: 03 - 6064 1222

10. KUALA SELANGOR: 03 - 3289 1222

11. GOMBAK: 03 - 6092 6222

12. SABAK BERNAM: 03 - 3224 2222

13. SEPANG: 03 - 3142 1222

14. KLIA: 03 - 8787 2222 


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3/23/2005 7:06:24 PMwhiteangelthanks for this article... noticed that recently there's an increase in crime rates and Bangsar is definitely not spared. the list of police station numbers sure come in handy - i am keeping a copy in my wallet, just in case!!!

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