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Speed Dating with Cupid @ D'Haven
Tuesday, October 11, 2005Posted by: Site Administrator


Cupids are made in heaven……………But let’s be realistic! How do you get to heaven (at least, not now!)

Look no further…. Get to CUPID@D’HAVEN!!! The most happening Speed Dating has come to Bangsar…………….. You can now be at “D’Haven”…

Ever wandered how you can date up to 15 dates in one night?? Well, try it and you will not regret it. For the skeptics out there… this is not a matchmaking service. It is a platform beautifully crafted to allow young professionals (who are supposedly to busy making money….) to meet new friends and enlarge their business network – ALL IN ONE NIGHT!!!!

“At first I was nervous. But once I got into the rhythm, I felt that it was not so torturous or nerve-wrecking after all. In fact, I felt that I did not have enough time to chat with my partner,” claims Jessica Lee (‘pseudonym’) who is an avid supporter of Speed Dating.

Every participant will get an opportunity to have a 5 minutes chat with a partner of the opposite sex, afterwhich the participant can give a “YES” or “NO” score for the partner. After the Speed Dating session, the Organisers will contact both parties who have scored “YES” and provide them with each other’s contact details.

According to David Wygant, author of “Always Talk to Strangers”, the key to finding potential love interests isn't in forced pickup lines, but simply learning the art of great conversation and how to make the most out of everyday opportunities.

  The power is in NUMBERS. If you want to meet the right man, you have to meet a lot of men. If you meet ten people, maybe you’ll like one. But if you meet 200, think how many you’ll like.

NETWORK, NETWORK and NETWORK. Make friends with everyone. You’ll become known for being nice and friendly. It’s the six degrees of reputation: People you meet will introduce you to their groups of friends, who’ll introduce you around, and you’ll end up meeting someone you really like or that you will close a business deal with……………………..

“It is all about having an open mind – to meet more friends. Sure, you’d get some butterflies in the stomach, but that’s what makes it a REAL DATE!!! There are lotsa Do’s and Don’ts that each participant needs to take heed. In short, be yourself and enjoy the “CHALLENGE”!!!,” quipped the Organisers.

Speed Dating sessions are held twice a month at D’Haven Restaurant (previously Red Chamber, next to Coffee Bean Bangsar) at 33, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru. For Online Registration, please visit Participants also receives a free drink, finger food as well as lotsa DISCOUNTS or OFFERS that are too good to be missed….!!!

HAPPY DATING and NETWORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is pretty entertaining, least to say…

Lotsa Love,


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