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Featured Listing Value Added Service now offers FEATURED LISTING services which will enable Business Owners to HIGHLIGHT their listings to everyone who uses Search to search for various information & sites.

How does Featured Listing work? Featured Listing Service will highlight sites that have opted for this service. Whenever someone types in particular keywords (Eg. If someone searches for the "Web Hosting" as the keywords, they would see this screen result), the Featured Link will appear right on top of other normal links thus highlighting its existence to web surfers. Only 5 featured listings will appear each time someone keys in certain keywords so as to guarantee and ensure the effectiveness of this service. The ability for any particular site link to appear will depend on the relevancy of your site compared to the keywords typed and searched by web surfers

How much does it cost?

    1) Basic Featured Listing
    Webportal's Featured Listing service starts off at a basic cost of RM250.00 per annum. All searches with keywords matching your title, description & url will enable your link to show up on screen to the web surfer.

    2) Advanced Featured Listing
    Under our Advanced Featured Listing Package, you will be able to purchase certain additional Keywords from us at an additional cost of RM100.00/keyword/annum. The choices of keywords are decided & approved by on the suitability, authenticity & relevancy to any particular website. A maximum of 10 keywords can be purchased for each link. By having different and more keywords, your linking will appear higher in rank as well as have more chances of being displayed to interested surfers & customers. This service is only applicable for those who have signed up for our Basic Featured Listing Service.

    3) Image Featured Listing
    Our Image Featured Listing Service enables users to put a logo (120X60 pixels) next to their featured link so as to bring further attention to any link. This option is priced at RM150 per annum and is only open and available to those who sign up for our Basic Featured Listing Service.

How do I sign up for this service?

To Sign Up for this service, all you have to do is take the following steps:

  1. Submit your website details at
  2. Wait for us to verify your link and send you a confirmation email (normally takes no more than 7 days)
  3. Re-Send our confirmation mail back to stipulating your wish to sign up for our Featured Listing Service
  4. Provide us with the KEYWORDS of your choice (if you wish to subscribe for our Advanced Featured Listing Package)
  5. Provide us with your LOGO (120X60 pixels) (if you wish to subscribe for our Image Featured Listing Package)
  6. Await for us to contact you directly via email regarding your application for our Featured Listing
  7. If you do not hear from us, you can email us directly at or

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