How do you get to Bangsar?

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 Bangsar Baru

Taxi (Cabbies)
Simplest way to travel to Bangsar is by Taxi. There is an abundance of them in Kuala Lumpur and most of them will not hesitate to bring you over to Bangsar. The fares will vary depending on where you are coming from and should not cost more than RM6.00 to RM9.00 from the center of town. Just hop in and mention Bangsar and they will zip you right into the heart of Bangsar.

Bus (Bas)
Generally, if you wish to take the scenic traffic route into Bangsar, you should aim for Bus Number 5. This bus will bring you right into Bangsar. Just ask around the bus stations & stops and most people would be able to direct you onto Bus No. 5 or to a Bus which will take you to a station which Bus No. 5 serves from.

If coming in from Mid Valley, then all you have to do is hop onto one of the PUTRA Buses (color is Red, Blue & White) and they will bring you back into Bangsar for a small fee (currently RM0.50)

Putra LRT (Light Rail Transport)

Use the Putra Trip Planner to help you reach the Bangsar LRT station. After that, hop onto Bus No.5 and you will be in Bangsar within 5 minutes or less.


If driving, one can approach Bangsar mainly from

  • Jalan Maarof via Jalan Bangsar for those from Cheras, KL City, KL Sentral or Brickfields
  • Bukit Bandaraya for those coming from PJ, Damansara, Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Duta & etc
  • Pantai Hills via turn offs from the Federal Highway for those travelling from KL or PJ
  • Mid Valley City via turn offs from Federal Highway

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